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Hey visitor. If you were expecting The King of video contests, then you are in the right place, but I’m afraid you find me crownless and having disrobed (Don’t worryI always had undergarments beneath the robe). I’ve moved on from the once fertile video contest fields. I’ve sold my prime real estate interest in The video contest Kingdom, crossed the mote of opportunity and journeyed to erstwhile and greener junk-pile kingdom of ‘Picking’. Over the last three years, I’ve thrived financially and intellectually as a professional Junkman. You read correctly. The VCK has GONE PICKIN‘. I’ve traded in my camera for an eBay account and now I sell other people’s discarded treasure. I’m a Picker.

In my new book, ‘GONE PICKIN‘, I explain in generous detail how: “An Unemployed Commercial Producer discovers S.M.A.R.T. Technology, a career and new perspective on life.

In a passage cut and pasted from the book’s FOREWORD:
My hope, is for any reader finding themselves in a tough financial spot, to test the very doable principles presented on the pages to follow. I’ve taken great care to include everything necessary for changing career and life for the better. This book provides a plan for introducing genuine excitement into daily work. Imagine that. Imagine, setting out clothing the night before and gleefully asking Siri to wake you up bright and early. Hard to imagine?

As the royal stables are empty and the round-table having been sold at auction (made a very good profit on it), I hope I can count on you to occasionally migrate over to to learn a little about how and why I transitioned from being one of the most successful crowd-sourcing commercial producers in history so enjoying my new career as ‘Picker’. I’m doing pretty well for myself where income is concerned and am more content with employment than I’ve ever been. Yes, even happier than my best days producing commercials. I know…hard to believe. I wouldn’t have thought it possible myself, but I’d like to share it with all of you. I know how unpredictable video spec. production can be. I’d like to share this information with all of my former colleagues and demonstrate how to help make ends meet in between production contracts and maybe even start some completely new careers among the citizenry of the video contest kingdom. I look forward to interacting with blog-readers and sharing whatever knowledge I can over at

Thanks for coming along with me for the adventures and wonder that regularly occur in the work-a-day life of a picker. Click on over to, when you get a minute. See you there.

BTW, GONEPKN is my official California License plate. Ain’t it cool? These old retros became available just this last year through the DMV (2016). I couldn’t believe GONEPKN was still available. Seems like the good fortune I had as the VCK just keeps pouring itself out upon His Highness, crown or no crown. {;-]).



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