Something good, just got a whole lot better.

After recently completing and submitting to MOFILM’s Walmart commercial assignment, my wife and I discussed with each other the total experience. We knew that at this point, it could likely be the conclusion of the experience and we needed to compare it to other spec. work we’ve done for various crowd sourcing portals. We determined that it was one of our best spec. creation experiences, and for a bunch of reasons. The two most important being: Even if we failed to sell anything to the brand, we still enjoyed more open communication channels between all three parties during production (MOFILM, Walmart and JCF), and secondly: the production grants from the brand/MOFILM allowed us to pay our talent and crew leaving only ourselves as the owners of Jared Cicon Films to work on a speculative basis. This increased level of risk-sharing does so much to increase the strength and value of so many assets of production.

We concluded that regardless of the judging outcome, we would definitely produce again for MOFILM.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the rock concert. With only a week to go before the scheduled announcement of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, Walmart informed MOFILM they were still in the judging phase and hadn’t yet determined a ‘best’ Walmart submission. They had as yet only narrowed it down to a top ‘3’. But wait a minute! The 1st place prize included a trip to Chicago to meet the brand, receive the award, attend events related to the Lollapalooza music festival, etc., and if Walmart hadn’t yet chosen a 1st place pick, how would they know who to send to Chicago?!? MOFILM’s answer? Send all top three creatives and a guest each to Chicago and let ‘the lot’ enjoy what was originally promised to only a single creative.

Since MOFILM contacted yours truly informing him his Walmart spot was one of the top three chosen by Walmart, Yeah, something great just got even better.

So the ‘King’ and Queen Cicon will be visiting the land of Lollapalooza later this week courtesy of the generosity of MOFILM. Air fair, five days and four nights accommodations, dinners, brunches, hobnobbing with Walmart executives and the MOFILM family, VIP passes to Lollapalooza music events, and whatever else MOFILM has up their sleeve.

OK, I’m gloating. And is it really ‘news’ that the king prevailed in his kingdom and won yet another video contest. Hardly. After all, it happens with such frequency that it’s not exactly headline material anymore.  What ‘is’ news though, is how MOFILM handled the situation. Kudos to them. Kudos to Walmart. And “here, here” to the evolving nature of crowd sourcing that seems to be of increasing benefit to the freelance creative as our role in an ever-changing advertising world becomes more appreciated and further defined.

The King


12 responses to “LOLLAPALOOZA BOUND!!!

  1. Awesome!! Have a great trip!!!

  2. Congrats!

    • Thanks Peter. My projects are always improved by way of peer review from creatives like yourself. I think you had 3 or 4 items of criticism that I used to change/improve the edit. Your input made it a better spot. Who knows, a couple things here, a couple things there can often be the difference between success or failure. As it is, Walmart is still on the fence as to which of the three are the strongest. Whew…right?

  3. Nice… Congrats, buddy!

    *Slater scurries off to hone his skills once again*

    • Thanks Brett. You still living high off the hog from the Olivieri Pasta win you scored over at Poptent? (tongue in cheek). You know it’s funny. There are people who think I’m still living off the $10,000.00 I made from Doritos 7 years ago. LOL.

    • Brett said: *Slater scurries off to hone his skills once again*.
      You and I both know you are a more than capable creative/expressive sponge. As is the case with most of the human race…it’s just a matter of wether or not you want it badly enough to pay the physical and mental dues. Join me.

      I expect great things from you brother. Don’t let me down, (or the balance of the world-wide silent majority Slater’s Garage fan).

  4. Hi Jared,
    Sears Hometown Stores is hosting a Sears for Life video contest. Upload one 25-second video telling your story from now until September 15 that tells us how Sears is a part of your life. The winner will win a $2,500 Sears gift card and may be featured in a Sears Hometown Stores, Home Appliance Showrooms and Sears Appliance & Hardware Stores TV commercial.

  5. Hi Lauren, Thanks for coming to the kingdom.
    There are two looming issues that suggest the SEARS contest is not one appropriate for sites like The Video Contest King.
    1. The prize amount of $2,500.00 is paltry and suggests either that SEARS is in a precarious financial state or just plain cheap and doesn’t appreciate the talents of it’s customers.
    2. Choosing a winner by ‘vote’ expresses yet more disrespect for the talent of it’s customer base. Unless, that is, SEARS considers ’20 hour days at a keyboard begging for votes’ a talent.
    If you want free buzz, you’ll need to find it someplace other than a blog dedicated to serious freelance creatives who deserve compensation and recognition commensurate with the efforts they put forth in video contests.
    The King

  6. I woke up today to see that Dortios crash the superbowl contest was back. So the first place I came for more news was to the kingdom. Will the King be entering this year? I know the odds are terrible but my friends have been talking about ideas all summer.

    Congrats on the mofilm win. That’s a real feather in your cap. Can you show off your video yet? Did you find out what prize you won? I’m sure you took lots of photos and videos of chicago. Can’t wait to read a recap of the whole experience.

    • Ryan, How can you say the odds are terrible?! The odds are great! Make something awesome and you can win. Compare this to say, the lottery – that you will never win.

    • Hey Ryan,
      Thanks for asking me to show off the video. I completely forgot about amidst the slate of work in which I’ve been immersed lately. But yes, The King is always ready and willing to draw attention to himself. With that in mind, I just uploaded it to YouTube.

      It felt good to go in and steal one away from everyone else creating on spec. at MoFilm. I met a bucnh of really cool creatives in Chicago, and the music festival was very ‘interesting’. When I get a chance to breath I’ll blog about my whole experience. Currently though I am knee deep in pre-production on a spot for PopTent Productions. I can’t say much about the spot except that they need a master to get into traffic for a media buy that starts October 15th. Yeah, nuts I know. I shoot next week here in L.A. and then on September 30th in San Francisco. Really cool. Gonna have an awesome road trip with me and my regular crew (Mike, Joel and Erik). YeeHaw. Lot of work though and the brand is pretty demanding. We’ll see how it goes. With two B2B project coming up on the heels of this PopTent gig I don’t see how I could fit in any Doritos production work. It’s a bummer, because you know how much I love THE CRASH!!!!!!!! Thanks for asking man. Over the next several months while I’m editing and surviving the ‘rendering death bar’ I’ll be going to the CRASH site and checking out the haps. You know I’ll blog about it too. I’m sure it’ll be exciting. Thanks for commenting Ryan.

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