Marinate with the King

Hey citizens of the kingdom. Good to have you on this side of the moat. Got a little different post for you today. A vlog instead of a blog. If you know me, than you know how much I love cooking……and eating. Almost as much as I love filmmaking. I decided to combine them and share a cooking tip and a thought for the day. Hey!!! If you buy a Turkey Fryer, let me know how it turns out.

The King


5 responses to “Marinate with the King

  1. Good stuff here, buckaroo… Loved the format, and great business tip thrown in for good measure. More, please.

  2. whats new in your world?

  3. Wow, for what do I owe the honor? Must be a slow production day, for Mr. Rorie to take the time to come visit the kingdom. Doesn’t Beardy have anything interesting happening at videocontestsnooze? Good of you to drop by, buddy old pal. I heard you got some nice paying gigs recently. Good for you. You deserve them. Let’s hope we both get more of the same.

    Well, you asked what’s new so I’ll report: Not much. I worked my ass off for four assignments at PopTent over the last month and a half, and only managed to win one of them. Split four ways, the $7,500.00 It works out to about $1,500.00 per production. Between tangible costs, favors I owe as a result, and a wage I must pay myself to keep the lights on, not a very fruitful 6 weeks of work. Still…one award is better than no awards.

    BTW, you own a Turkey Fryer?

  4. sorry no turkey fryer.
    been very busy at my day job. check out me at work. I wrote and directed a campaign for a raffle where they let me do a :30sec. one continuous shot kind of thing! very cool of them to have faith in me to pull it off.

    got a couple of “invite only” gigs through mofilm and tongal last month. lost them both however. :(. but i keep trying. Still love contests!

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