Poptent and the Superbowl

Congratulations to Remy Neymarc and Andrew Neymarc and everyone involved with Poptent’s Dannon OIKOS Greek Yogurt Superbowl Commercial Broadcast. What a great story with even greater implications for our freelance creative community. I would so love if Dannon’s spot scored right there with the Doritos spots on the USA Today Ad Meter poll. Even more awesome would be if Dannon barely edged out Doritos for high ranking in the top five. I say this, not because I wish Doritos ill. I say it because in this particular instance there is potential for enough publicity for everyone. In fact, IMO Doritos stands to get more than the normal coverage if there is some additional ‘special’ story involved. ‘Crowd Sourcing Crowding Madison Avenue‘ is quite the nice story line. What better way to demonstrate it than on the biggest TV advertising stage the world has to offer.

If both companies rate high in the USATAM, and if Dannon is a close second to Doritos, it may slip through the cracks of the media, as once again Doritos beats all comers. If however Dannon scores high and beats out Doritos, Dannon stands a much better chance of catching the attention of the media. The resulting story would be that ‘crowd sourcing’ is on a meteoric rise and something that mainstream brands need to take a serious look at en masse. Ultimately, we all (in the freelance/crowdsourcing fraternity),  would stand to benefit in a big way and in the very near long term.

I would have loved to have been a visitor to the Dannon set to see what kind of lighting, camera and production techniques Remy and Andrew employed. I loved watching the YouTube video and dug some of the diffusion techniques they had set up, from what I could tell. I would have also loved to re-connect with John Stamos. I had the pleasure of working with him during a week of shooting on the Warner Brothers lot back in 2006. Despite what most of you here in the Video Contest Kingdom have come to know His Highness for, on the W.B. ER set, my work was limited solely to ‘acting’. In fact, the ER experience occurred just prior to my changing careers path from acting to a more comprehensive production career. In my brief traditional acting career I was fortunate to have enjoyed success enough to appreciate the importance of writing and producing ones own content if controlling what you are part of is a priority.

I would bet that this experience with Dannon and Poptent was quite the education for the Neymarc brothers, considering their admission of being self-taught and their relatively young age. (Remy, 21 yrs. and Andrew 23 yrs.). It’s the kind of experience that can help propel talented professionals to the next level. What a great resume addition. BTW, when you get a moment you should check out their website, NEYMARCVISUALS.

Now I have even more reason to watch the Superbowl. I wonder if Dannon knows when it will broadcast. I know when I was a finalist in the Crash The Superbowl contest they let us know the winning spot would air as the 3rd commercial spot immediately following the opening kick-off. At any rate, I will be glued to the USA Today Ad Meter Poll immediately following the game to watch as the final scores are tabulated and posted to the website. This is honestly, very exciting stuff.

To check out some of the behind the scenes action, Danny Winn suggested I post the correlating YouTube video. I thought that was a brilliant idea.

The royal crown is dipped to Dannon, Poptent and the NEYMARC brothers.

The Video Contest King


4 responses to “Poptent and the Superbowl

  1. Great piece Jared, you might consider posting the behind the scenes of this spot which is absolutely facinating and inspiring. This kind of stuff gets my creative juices flowing;)

    Heres the link:

    • Thanks for the suggestion Danny. I just updated. Sometimes we bloggers just can’t see the entire forest. Yeah, though in watching the video I was amazed at how many people were on set. Seems like overkill to me, but once Dannon green-lighted the re-shoot, I’m sure they wanted business conducted in usual fashion, which usually includes 10 times as many personnel as is really necessary to shoot these things. It’s one of the aspects of the industry that will be changing as we micro-production companies gain greater and greater share of the production market. I’ve had the experience of having the ‘client’ on set. It’s cool, but you find yourself doing things a little differently than if you were the lone head honcho. But I don’t think we’ll ever get away from the client wanting/needing to be on set. If I were the client, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Dannon plans on running the ad in the third quarter of the game.

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