Let’s help Kickstart Joel Berry

Hey Peeps, on the VCK I occasionally showcase fellow peers creative accomplishments. I do it in part, to help further careers that are largely authentic independent and entrepreneurial efforts, similar to most of us in the freelance videography community.

I hope through this post, to draw attention to a buddy of mine who has taken part in several of the King’s (Jared Cicon Films) video productions, both as crew behind the scenes and as on-camera talent. Joel Berry is a talented writer, actor, producer who, similar to most of us in the freelance community, is trying to carve out for himself a full time career in this entertainment jungle. Joel is a family fan. He is a married father of three little crumb-crunchers. (I use the term crumb-crunchers affectionately, since I used to have four of my own who have since graduated from crumb-crunching to steak-bone gnawing).

I first discovered Joel’s talent through his YouTube channel SweetTeaFilms. On it, Joel Berry plays ‘Tavin Dillard’, a very lovable piece of trailer park refuse who is an avid internet blogger. Tavin is a grass cutting professional (who still lives with his Mee-Maw), who shares through his blogging, the exploits of his Trailer Park world. Tavin is a family friendly character with enough edge and sophistication to satisfy tastes ranging from the cerebral to the flippant. You need to watch more than a single video to fully understand the Tavin character, but even after just a single blog you start to appreciate the solid comedy that Joel Berry has developed. I’ve been a fan for several years now.

Similar to many highly creative individuals on YouTube, I am astounded that after so many years of great comedy, Joel is still sitting on just 7K-8K subscribers. It boggles the mind. Oh, the inequities of the YT Universe.

Joel’s creative expression is not limited to his ‘Tavin’ related production alone. He has acted in several Jared Cicon Films commercials over the last several years. Joel produces ongoing content for Orange County, Ca. communities. He recently traveled to Nashville TN., to film a pilot episode for a TV variety show which he is currently pitching to the industry. Joel recently scored a regional, national commercial for a national Cable Television service provider.

KICKSTARTER and Joel Berry
Joel has taken the leap and decided to take his Tavin Dillard character on the road. He is bringing ‘Tavin’ to live stage venues in several states in the South, (Mississippi, Missouri and Arkansas to name a few). He will execute a multi-state U.S. tour and needs our support to do it. He will be doing it by himself and just one other friend/producer/assistant. The usual expenses related to biting off this type of exploit are what Joel needs kick start help with. (Gas, Motel 8, food etc.). Though a personally risky and time consuming investment for himself and his family, it employs very financially modestly planning, but even Top Ramen costs greenbacks. Joel’s figured he needs just $2,340.00 to make it happen. I’ll tell you though, I know Joel very well, and I would bet that he has probably factored in the most spartan of accommodations/logistics for his journey. On my calculations he will more than likely need closer to 5K-6K to be on the safe side and to have a little bit of ‘fall-back’ money for unseen expenses and emergencies.

I’m hoping that regular readers of the VCK will give what they can to Joel’s ‘Live Tavin Tour’. I’d like to see the figure to reach at least 5K to see that he and his producer get to the five states he plans to travel to, knock em’ dead with Tavin, and return home safely.

If you can spare a few bucks for this great guy who is taking his dreams into his own hands (great example to the rest of us), than go to Joel’s  KICKSTARTER
, and hook him up. BTW, you get a bunch of Tavin Fan stuff when you make a contribution. Joel Berry is undertaking what most of us which we had the guts to do. Be a part of his odyssey. DONATE!

You can follow Tavin’s progress on the official Sweet Tea Films website.

Joel met his KICKSTARTER fund raising goal and will be taking ‘Tavin Dillard’ on the road. “WooHoo”!!! Can’t wait to hear the stories from the tour. Congratulations Joel.


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