Crash The Superbowl with the KING

Hey Peeps,
Yeah, it’s that time of the year again. Doriotsmania. I envied all of you guys and gals who were able to enter the contest last year. I tried my best to stay in touch and check out the gallery whenever possible back in 2010, but the same  workload that prevented submission participation, also prevented me from blogging and taking part in the way I had done in years past. I could only occasionally watch from the sidelines.

Well, this year I made it a priority to squeeze in some Doritos production no matter what….and…as my production schedule would have it, it was alot easier to do the sqeezin’ than I would have preferred.

TRANSLATION: Real paying gigs are down, and spec. opportunities are up.

I just finished my last of three spots for the contest yesterday. Like the children we bring into this world, I love em’ all. With the videos though, I do have a favorite and you’ll probably be able to guess which one it is….psst/hint [hands cupped in front of mouth]: It’s the family-centric one. Regarding the above link pics. These aren’t the thumbnails I would have chosen for these spots, but since they are the ones chosen by Doritos, I figure I’d better maintain some continuity for my own ‘branding’ purposes.

Using the past as a reference, I really couldn’t begin to guess what Doritos is looking for out of this 6th running of the contest. If they are looking strictly for otherworldly funny, to the exclusion of all other branding /production/story strengths, then I probably don’t stand a chance against what I am sure will be a strong field of contenders. If they are looking for a nice mix of funny, branding and production value than my spots will probably get a good looking over by the judges…or at least that’s my hope.

Every year or so, there’s a selection by the judges that mystifies me. Last year it was the one where the nerdy looking dude sucks off the Doritos dust from the finger of a co-worker. Grossed me out. There was humor there, but the gross-out factor overwhelmed any inclination I may have had to laugh. But hey….I alone am not the arbiter of what is and isn’t funny. I am sure there is someone somewhere in the world besides his highness who can judge things ‘funny’ similar to his highness……but as Michael Buble would say: “I just haven’t met you yet”. Ha ha ha ha. BTW, can you tell I like saying ‘his highness’?

Well, anyhoo, I hope you clicked on the above thumbs for his highness’ Doritos video offerings. I hope you liked them, and are currently re-playing them over and over again. If you’d like to post a link to your own spot here on his highness’ blog for the purpose of peer review/comments, please do so my leaving a link in the comment section. I can’t guarantee his highness will review them all, but where I can’t, I invite fellow citizens of the Video Contest Kingdom to chime in. If the video is not your own, please do not ask for review.

At the time of this blog post I believe there are/were still 5 more days left to produce before deadline. So get on it, and good luck to everyone.

The King

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the key contributors to this year’s Doritos production. Much thanks go out to: Joel Berry, Anna Chapman, Michael VonHempel, Jonah cicon, Jared Cicon Jr., Jolie Cicon, Tanner Atherton, Seth Sneary, Alex Ubalde, the parents of my child actors, (All of my peer-review circle peeps…you know who you are),….oh, and my wife, duh. I love you honey XOXO.



11 responses to “Crash The Superbowl with the KING

  1. Nice spots Jared, good luck this year! Here is the spot I made, let me know what you think:

  2. Yeah, now your talking. This is a far cry from the dude sitting on the curb with the Doritos Doggie in the gym bag. You are getting some skills bruthah.

  3. Jared, It’s Always a Pleasure Watching Your Stuff!
    GOOD LUCK TOO YOU! Here’s Mine!

    • Hey Charles, that looked like you guys had a blast making the spot. Must have been a lot of laughs on the set. Let me know if you want a peer review/critique, or if you were just sharing with the kingdom. Good luck in the contest buddy.

      • Ya Jared, Tell Me What You Think…

        • Hi Charles,
          I won’t go into the things you did right, since that doesn’t help you improve as much as gleaning and learning from the things you did wrong. DIRECTING THE TALENT:
          On the CTSB site you’ll notice I posted a comment, something to the effect of, “It likes like you guys had a lot of fun shooting this”. More specifically, it looked like at any moment many of your actors were about to bust out laughing during their acting. This is a directorial issue. On the set, it should have been recognized by the director that the emotion was wrong and wasn’t building properly.
          THE REVEAL:
          From the very beginning it is clear this is a commercial about Doritos (Guy is eating a bag of Doritos). Accordingly, showing too much of the Dorito tattoo prior to the punchline, really waters down the comedy. When you add in that these guys looked like they knew they were on camera and about to break out in laughter, maybe from some recently occurring ‘set humor’ or frivolity, it takes away from the main joke. I would have much preferred if the artist was really distraught that he had tat’d the wrong artwork, and his line could have been something more like, “I swear I heard ‘cheesy Dorito’. Then it would be more believable as everyone around him laughs, except of course the sailor who storms out mad. It also would have been a great opportunity to add in the prat fall that Doritos has show they so love, EG: Sailor bounces the tattooer out the door…..or maybe the sailor tattoos a Dorito on the tattoo artist’s forehead…….something more.
          I can never really get comfortable with the moving forward of the story as far as the audio is concerned. If meters were being watched or headphones were on, it would have been apparent that the 0db limit was being exceeded. It’s kind of hard to listen to.

          There ya go Charles. Hope that helps. If you take as much of this critique as possible to your next shoot, you won’t be able to help but achieve a stronger product. making commercials is not an easy task, as I am sure you agree.
          The KING

  4. Good Luck Jared,
    I enjoy this blog learning how others do things, never can get enough education on this stuff.
    Here’s mine

    • You did a lot of things right here, but I won’t go into them as pats on the back don’t make us better producers. Good hard criticism is always the best medicine for production ailments.
      The bald guy was a good actor. The stick-licker was OK, but at times it felt like he knew the camera was on him.
      In the end, the dialogue needed to reflective. It had to be more of a question to himself instead of at his fiend the stick licker. Something like, “Are you licking my stick???”…or…”Are you really licking my joystick?”.
      We all know Doritos likes a good pratfall. I think you missed an opportunity here, when in the end, you could have dived for the dude/joystick, and missed, coming to a woompf on the ground in between the couch and coffee table.
      I would have liked a blue cast on the front of the faces to really convince the viewer you guys are watching a screen. It’s the kind of basic cinematography that is requisite 101 for Superbowl play.
      I know last year Doritos chose a video where one dude is sucking the finger of another dude. I was surprised that they did. I still contend though that it probably grossed out more people than most brands would want when selling their food product. If we weren’t selling something that people are supposed to think ‘YUMMY’ about, you would have been good here, but I’ll stick with my opinion that the main sight gag was just plain gross.

      Hopes this helps.
      The KING

  5. Good stuff king. I think I like “You’ll be the first to know” the best! But just my opinion. Getting hit by the car, that was good. And it looked completely really!

  6. Hey VCK! I can’t wait to hear your comments about Doritos Top 5 picks! I expected Man’s Best Friend and Bird of Prey to place in the Top 5 but I was surprised by the other three choices. There were others that I think were better. Here’s my commercial entry for this:

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