Check out my Doritos commercial (The VCK)

Hey Peeps. Countless minions of the kingdom have asked to see his Highness’ 1st submission to this year’s CRASH. I finished with peer review and the final edit over the weekend and uploaded to the CTSB site, last night. Doritos was kind enough to post it in the gallery about an hour after I uploaded. Thanks CTSB. Click on the above video thumb and watch away. At the time of this post, the King’s video is the most recent upload to the gallery.

Since I know the competition is going to be otherworldly this year, and because I am resigned to the very real possibility that his highness’ submission may not make the final cut, I decided to execute a dual purpose with this Doritos submission. In an upcoming blog (very soon), I am going to detail how I made many of the props. I went through some rather time consuming pre-production on this one. In this way, my experiences producing the spot will still have value to many of you regardless of how I do in the CTSB contest itself. I will try to get the blog post out before the contest deadline. Maybe it will help some of the citizens of the kingdom in their own CTSB productions.

Below are set stills of the shoot. Hope you enjoy the spot.
The King


14 responses to “Check out my Doritos commercial (The VCK)

  1. Looking forward to watching it Jared. I’m currently having some slow internet issues at my office. This is reminding me how frustrating the CTSB sight has been every year. I don’t understand why they think this helps the contest at all. Every user wants to show off their video to friends and family. But when I think about sending them to this site, I cringe.

    • I understand your excitement/anticipation in looking forward to viewing his highness’ doritos submission. After all, even if I wasn’t me, (in fact…even though I am me), I would still look forward to anything I ended up submitting. Thanks for stopping by the kingdom. I also can’t wait to see what the Keithster produces for the Crash this year. Be sure to drop a link by the kingdom.

    • Hey Keith,
      If I recall correctly, didn’t you a few years ago figure a way to create a link that bypasses the initial CTSB page and which gets the viewer directly to the video page?
      The King

      • I did! Looks like they’ve made some adjustments to the player in the last few years though so it has become a little more difficult. But it looks like there is a way. I’ll let you know if I hook something up again.

  2. hhahahhaa, That was a great spot! You have my vote (cuz I’m sure you’re gonna be a finalist).

    • I wish I had your confidence in my spot….or better yet…..from your lips to the Dorito star-makers. I’m trying to drum up a stellar concept for a better spot (a 2nd submission)….something that can’t miss.

  3. Hilarious! Great work, Jared.

  4. Great spot as usual Jared!

    Does this link work as I post it?

    The King’s Spot:

    • Hey Danny,
      Thanks for the kind words bro. Thanks even more for the peer review and critique that helped make the edit tighter, and funnier. Yes, that link worked.

  5. Speedy Torpedo, Not Cheesy Dorito!

    Be Honest People, Do We Even Have a Shot?

  6. Doritos NFL Crash The Super Bowl Video Contest 2012
    Be Honest People, Do We Even Have a Shot?

    Man Overboard, Treading Water… Shark Smells Cheese!

  7. How do I get you to check out my video submissions?

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