Crashing The Superbowl Again

Doritos is going to give five happy freelance campers another shot at the bright lights and worldwide stage of the Superbowl. THE CRASH IS BACK!!!!, and I like what Doritos has done.

A few peers have confidentially expressed their reservations about the new structure, disappointed primarily with the diminished finalist’s slots (5 instead of 10), and the reduced chances at really big paydays (EG: The 400K and 600K opportunities have been eliminated leaving only the 1Million prize relative to the USA Today Ad Meter poll) . Yes, the payouts may be smaller this year, but I think the real career opportunities incorporated into this year’s CRASH and the potential for publicity for the winning creative, far outdoes any other past CRASH remuneration offering. After all, Dorito’s can cut you a check, any year they want, but that won’t necessarily advance your career the way this year’s prize structure can. Come on, having the opportunity to work alongside the men of ‘The Lonely Island‘ (Andy Sandburg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer), to produce yet another Doritos commercial, post contest. Long after the pomp and circumstance of the big game have gone, and the dust has settled, the winner of the CRASH will still be looking forward to the balance of his prize winnings, doing what they love most and on a very high professional level.

I also like the return to a Superbowl ‘party’ hosted by Doritos at a location away from the football stadium. Five years ago when I was lucky enough to be one of those five finalists, we were wined, dined and treated like royalty at a hip Miami night club reserved only for the Doritos Party. That particular year it rained on everyone watching the game in the stands and I just as soon watched it from the super-steroid-pumped-double-cup-holding lazy-boy recliners they had for all of the finalists in a special screening room a few yards away from the fully stocked open bar (though we don’t drink, my wife and I had our share of very cool/clever alcohol-free beverages whipped up by the very talented bartenders). The food was awesome and we were able to have conversations with many of the persons responsible for the CRASH program as well as other dignitaries from Doritos and FritoLays North America.

Yes, this year’s contest is a bit different than years past, and that is what we’ve come to expect from a brand that pioneered being ‘Different’. When Doritos burst on the scene with the inaugural ‘Crash’ back in 2006, in and of itself, it was more different than anything that had ever been done before on any level of advertising and marketing. There’s no reason or rule that says Doritos must repeat old programs. I applaud them for the thought and care that went into this year’s contest and I hope my production schedule allows me to enter a submission.

Besides, for all of those creatives who fail to see the career forest for all the money trees, I invite you to sit this one out. In this way, maybe we’ll end up with only 400-500 really good submissions instead of the extra 3,000 – 4,000 videos that only succeed in cluttering up the gallery, making it impossible to review all of the offerings from the more focused creatives.

Time to put on your CRASH helmets peeps, and write the awesome script that allows awesome filming and equally awesome editing. I’m more excited about this year’s version of the CRASH than I have been in quite a while.

The King

(Prize monies upgrade)
The moderator at the Crash The Superbowl website just updated the site. Doritoswill once again be awarding a 2nd or 3rd placing in the USA Today Ad Meter ranking with prizes of $600K and $400K respectively.


15 responses to “Crashing The Superbowl Again

  1. Thanks Jared! I was JUST looking at the crash site yesterday wondering when it was going to start. Looking forward to this year!!

    • I think the reduced prize offerings and finalist slots will have the effect of discouraging those who probably shouldn’t enter the contest anyways. I am all for a greater concentration of talent with less murkiness in the bath water.

  2. Wow, so it looks like there’s no Pepsi involvment this year. Ouch, I just got off the phone with a buddy of mine that has been doing a CGI animation (Toy Story quality) for about a month and a half with a script all about Pepsi max. I had read a while back that they were indeed bringing the Pepsi Max aspect of this contest back this year but I cautioned him about getting in too deep. He took the risk. Doh!

    • Hey Danny,
      Your not the only person who thought there would be a Pepsi-Max contest this year. In fact, who knows, it still may happen. Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed.
      His Highness

  3. never enter a contest that America votes for the winner.

    • David,
      You’ve made comments like this about Doritos before and each time I am required to correct you. This contest is NOT a voter based outcome in the 1st phase. In the first phase (before it gets to any type of public vote), Doritos will pick five finalists (5), and pay each $25,000.00 dollars. What happens after that concerns me very little.

  4. i love this contest because the first phase involves NO public voting, I love when it’s judged. If you make the final 5, then you worry about voting, but hell a 1 in 5 chance isn’t bad odds. I have a good idea for this years contest, I just need to pull it off!

    • Hey Shane,
      Yeah, I just finished a spot for the contest. I’ll be posting it to the gallery tomorrow before leaving on our BSA campout this weekend. I am toying with producing a 2nd spot, but I really need to have a stellar concept, otherwise it’ll be a waste of time and resources. As it is, I’m not sure if this first entry will be strong enough to prevail, when considering the heavy hitters that are sure to submit. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, Shane.
      The King

  5. I’d love to see your entry, Jared! (link?) I’m a fan of your work. 🙂

    • Hey Bluebird,
      I’m inishing up a hectic two weeks of post production and (Family responsibilities). I uploaded my submission to the Crash this evening. As soon as CTSB notifies of it posting to the gallery, you will be the first to know……well….you ‘will’ if you visit the kingdom in a frequent enough manner.

  6. I’m shooting on the 19th.
    2 days to edit.

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  8. Hi Jared, I need to talk to you about this year’s Doritos contest. Can’t post it here. Email me at Thank you!

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