The VCK offers an Editor’s Choice Award for Poptent’s YAMAHA contest



Hey peeps. Hope this blog post finds you happy and healthy as we dive deep into another marvelous summer season. Can’t help but notice how blue the skies have been lately here in So. Cal.. Not gloating…just making an observation.

So it’s no secret I have been straining all available hours out of my production schedule and spending them at the crowd-sourcing video creation portal. Who can blame me, I mean I entered 3 contests over the last several months and won all three. Tic Tac Dough. Everyone’s tummies are full, here at the royal banquet hall.

This last contest (YAMAHA – ‘Escape The Ordinary’) was the reason for an email exchange between myself and Mark Schoneveld (Director of Community at Poptent). Prior to discovering I had won the contest I let Mark know I was concerned about the contest not having an Editor’s Choice Award (ECA). Seemed like the ECA had become a customary consolation for creatives, who for one reason or other, were passed over by the brand but who clearly demonstrated execution of a production that merited acknowledgement. Mark said he and the community team had thought about this very issue, but that the particulars of the Yamaha contest left no budget room for such a prize. I shared with him my concerns on the matter and resolved that I would do something about it should I prevail as the winner in the YAMAHA assignment. Well…talk about foregone conclusions…we all know how that goes when the KING enters a contest. The announcement was just a formality.

Within minutes of being informed of the YAMAHA win, I was in communication with Mark S. and offered to give $500.00 of my winnings if Poptent would match it, making possible a $1,000.00 editor’s choice award. Mark regretfully informed me that there just wasn’t any way to wring out that kind of revenue from this particular contest. So that brings us to the current particulars of the VCK contest.

Admittedly, $500.00 doesn’t have the ring of $1,000.00. Still, it is a tidy sum. Over the next two weeks The VCK and his circle of peers will read the comments advocating for the producer of any mentioned video. We will take a look at each video. We may offer some critique, time-providing. At the end of the two week comment period (Friday, June 17th 2011), the King will use the subsequent weekend to consult with his panel of peers (the same ones regularly relied upon for his royal Highness’s peer review), to arrive at a consensus opinion, which will result in the awarding of the $500.00 VCK Editor’s Choice Award. The award notice will be posted in a VCK blog on either Monday or Tuesday, June 21st or June 22nd 2011.

All one need do to enter is post a coherent comment advocating for their own or a fellow peer’s video. With the exception of the videos submitted by Poptent members, Jared Cicon and Ben Boutwell,  ALL YAMAHA ‘Escape The Ordinary’ VIDEOS QUALIFY FOR THIS CONTEST, . The winning producer will have 48 hours from the time of blog post award announcement in which to contact the King at the following email address ( If the awarded producer fails to contact the KING within the 48 hour time period, at the King’s discretion, the cash prize may be awarded to an alternate producer.

So remember, if you are not the producer and you post a comment advocating for someone, you should let them know they are up for a prize. You must also subscribe to the blog, which would be prudent since the winner will be announced in a blog post which you will automatically receive in your email if you are a VCK subscriber.

Good luck to everyone.
The King


19 responses to “The VCK offers an Editor’s Choice Award for Poptent’s YAMAHA contest

  1. Hey Jared its Stacy. IGD.
    I should have won because…. lol… I shouldn’t have.. Really hard to beat your ad. That was great and a great responce from everyone we showed it to. I know… really weird to have another studio showing your stuff off but it was very funny and a pro ad. Happy day to you fine sir!

  2. Thank you Sir Stacy,
    It is duly noted that you are the first to post a comment in the Kingdom for the VCK ECA. Should the contest end tomorrow with you still being the sole comment, you would be $500 richer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Thanks for commenting….and yes….thanks for the compliments. The King’s ego is as prodigious as his reputation and requires constant feeding.

  3. lol Jared you are the best. LMAO Talk to you soon.

  4. O yes kind sir did you get my message I posted to you about Microtell? Just wondering

    • I did see your comment. You’re too funny, and quite capable of throwing around some rather disarming compliments. Yes, I am trying to get a submission done for the Microtel assignment in between editing a BtoB vid, logo changes to the Yamaha spot, all while experiencing our first senior graduation (oldest son Jacob) with family in from out of town. Def. burning both ends of the candle these days.

  5. sweetteafilms

    Jared – there’s a Yamaha spot I thought was well done. I’ve contacted the creator to see if they’re cool with me throwing their name in the Editor’s Choice running you’ve got going here.

    • Joel told me about this thing and this blog, which is awesome by the way.
      Here is my Yamaha video:

      I must say I salute your idea, sometimes I find that the purchases are at a low price considering all the effort the creators put alltogether. Still, Poptent is a really great site that allows us to test our ideas and face brand’s opinions and decisions.
      Thanks Joel for the cue!

      • I just saw I’m too late to post hehe…
        Well anyway, I had a great time doing the video and still laugh everytime I watch it.
        I guess that was my reason why it could have been a winner.

      • I just was that I didn’t comment on why my video should have won.
        Well, I had a great time doing the video and still laugh everytime I watch it.
        I guess that was my reason why it could have been a winner.
        Also I did the music, rocking my tiny guitar amp disturbing the neighbours 😉

      • Hey gmonette,
        Glad to see you post here. I really liked your spot and thought at the very least it should have been included in the Poptent finalist bracket.

    • Very cool Joel. Can’t wait to check it out.

  6. sweetteafilms

    Here’s the content creator I mentioned, but it looks like you guys already connected: Guillaume Monette
    Yamaha- The Real Thing.

  7. Well hello again VCK
    Well if I have to talk about some one elses video it would be gmonettes’.
    Just kidding I don’t have to, but I am anyway just because it was shot well and entertaining. Talk to ya later.:) glad to see others joined in after all!

  8. Guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Here be it said that my video, NO ORDINARY PAPER BOAT (which can be seen here, should be awarded $500. Why? Mainly because I really need some new hard drives.

    Do I think my video should have won this particular assignment? No. In actuality I think the true winners were more deserving. I actually feel like there were about 7 videos that were much better than mine. With that said, I thought mine was rather nifty. And I had fun doing it, and I never do anything unless it’s going to be fun (unless my wife tells me otherwise. shut up.)

    Good luck to whoever wins this one.

    Ya know, I really really love Poptent.


  9. Hey Jared, it’s Candice, just one part of the team that is “RebelApotheosis”. I think its pretty freaking cool that you’re doing this. Our entry was: . Hopefully it was enjoyed by all. Why should we win? Hm, there were so many cool entries, but did any of them have the awesome fake yacht skeleton that we did? I don’t think so. Plus I recently lost my iPhone to a dirty puddle of water & could totally buy a new one AND hard drive with $500 =).

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  10. Hi this really great you are doing this contest. By the way I loved your video. I loved when you say whatever!

    Here was my submission to the Yamaha contest.
    Take a look. I thought my video was a good idea but not executed properly. My video has a fish in it similar to the other winning video but I guess my video wasn’t done the way they wanted. It was a good time though.

    Michael Cory

  11. I’m really glad that people are starting to participate in this Jared, so cool of you to offer it!

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