Freelance Magic (Great Britain Safety Belt PSA)

When I shoot scripts more complex in nature I usually prefer someone around as my extra eyes and ears to make sure I am not messing up. For this I have occasionally hired Dave Sego as my 1st AD. We first worked together on my Body Glove commercial in a project with a budget that could pay him closer to what he is truly worth. Subsequently he has also worked for less pay on jobs for me and I am always glad to have him on the set when he is available. He has worked in the industry here in Los Angeles for years and is worth every penny when I have him as part of the production team.

Today he sent me this YouTube video suggesting it would be the kind of content and story that is right up the VCK alley. He was right.

This video is awesome!!!

It was written and directed by Daniel Cox. Check out the story behind this freelance creative and the buzz he is making for himself relative to this spec. commercial he created as a PSA for Sussex Safer Roads Partnership in the UK. You can read more about him and the commercial at The Inspiration Room.

Daniel Cox is no newcomer to advertising and yes he is more ‘professional’ than the average entry level freelance creative. Still, he created this commercial on spec. with no guarantees it would be picked up by the client. The commercial, the story behind the commercial, and it’s contributing example to the continuing evolution of freelance advertising is just the kind of thing that the VCK gets excited about. Thanks to Dave Sego for sharing this with the VCK.


15 responses to “Freelance Magic (Great Britain Safety Belt PSA)

  1. Freelancing is so great. You dont have to wear any uniforms but Full-time is much greater than freelancer because you have this permanent paying job

  2. Someone forwarded me this the other day. I thought it was cool even before I knew it was done on spec by a fellow free-lancer.

    Now I think it’s even cooler. Thanks Jared!

  3. Yeah, this ad rocks! I saw it awhile back… most emotional commercial I’ve ever seen in fact! 😀

  4. Are you OK Jared? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

    • Charles Lezette

      Jared Is Probably Busy Making LOCAL $$$$$

    • Hey Danny,
      I’m alive and kicking. Freelance UGC creative is my first love but contest wins are often few and far between. I’m spending just a bit of time doing some local advertising (Charles is right). It is not glamorous, but it helps me keep the four kids in blue jeans. I am keeping my mind open though, for a killer idea for the Doritos contest. I haven’t heard anything indicating whether or not they will be running the CTSB again this year. I hope they do.

      This year I will be sure to have a hands down ‘winning’ script developed before I commit production resources. I can’t settle for a really ‘good’ script and hope that my editing will save the day. The story must be stellar.

      How about you? What have you been up to?
      The VCK

  5. I thought for sure that I would see a blog any day now about the new $20.000 Butterfinger contest (Now expired) but it appears you did not enter, which is ironic because I didn’t enter either.

    I had a script and some wardrobe and props ready but the night before shooting I kept having dreams telling me “Don’t do it”.

    I can’t explain it but I cancelled the shoot and did not enter, however I kind of wish I had because the submissions seem to be of lesser quality and content for such a contest.

    The deadline has past and if the current submissions are all of the submissions I fear that I made a grave mistake as I believe my script and quality are surperior (no offense intended to anyone on this site that entered of course).

    I’d be interested in your take on this one, maybe you’re a judge perhaps, hmmm? 😉

    PS: glad your not dead. LOL

  6. Ok, there are some really good submissions in the Butterfinger contest now, guess it just took them a while to get them all approved;)

  7. This is brilliant. Off to tweet about it

  8. One of the best commercials I’ve ever seen. Absolutely incredible. This is a major victory for the internet video contest world.

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