AMD contest, big prize, good cause.

Hey Vid Pro Peeps. Got some cool information to pass on. I just found out that a contest with a sizable prize ($10,000.00) has only three weeks to go in the submissions period (Feb. 28th 2010 sub. deadline), and the cool tidbit is there are less than 10 viable submissions. I won’t tell you how I found out but trust me it is def. insider info. ha ha ha. Also, because of my production schedule, yours truly won’t be entering. I wouldn’t be broadcasting this info if I was submitting coz I would prefer to score this kind of payday myself, but I just can’t make time to submit. This is going to be a nice win for anyone to takes the time to do a little research. I found out a lot about Macular degeneration today during an hour long google search and frankly I think I might have the early stages of the most common type of  ‘Dry’ macular degeneration.

This disease will effect more people than you may realize in your lifetime and there’s a good chance you might know someone who suffers from it if not your very self. Hit the logo and check it out. This contest sort of went under the radar, I think because it’s not a cool snack chip or soda pop contest, but win or lose, it would make a great directors reel piece showing versatility as a director. Good luck minions and happy filming.

SIDE NOTE: Before publishing this blog post I tried to get the administrator to commit to a NO SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENSION promise. She is going to check with corporate HQ tomorrow (Feb. 2nd) and will email me with the info she receives. I will update this post if they decide to extend. If they do, as usual, I would suggest against submitting to the contest.

UPDATE: Just got word from the Vice President of Global Relations for AMD: The submission deadline will not be extended. Great news. You have got about three weeks to get it together. I wish I could enter. I would so try and steal this money from ya’ll.


9 responses to “AMD contest, big prize, good cause.

  1. Hm. Definitely a nice cash prize, but I have a tough time making ANYTHING serious and this is a serious topic. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Yeah, I agree. A little bit of a challenge, but it would be a nice reel addition if one can pull it off. Showing range on a resume is def. a feather in the creative cap.

  2. Now this is Juicy!

  3. One of the judging criteria is how many youtube hits it gets… That always kinda turns me off.

  4. do you know if they are looking for a commercial? or more of a short film?

    • No time limit. I would just make sure it explains what AMD is and what you can do to mitigate it’s damage to eyesight. If you can do that in one minute, do it. If you need three minutes, take it.

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