Doritos – The Voting Homestretch


With just a bit more than a week to go and almost three weeks in the books, here are the figures for the Doritos Crash The Superbowl commercial contest. Yes, technically these numbers are views, not votes. But let’s ponder what it takes to ‘view‘ a video.

These aren’t just people casually stopping by to view/visit the site during a lunch break or on a whim. When a viewer finally jumps through the requisite hoops put in place by Doritos, to eventually navigate their way to the ‘Finalists Page’, don’t be naive enough to think that they aren’t voting. Besides, whatever ratio of view to votes are operable here, holds true for all of the contestants.

Important: In past Doritos contests, the view tallies accurately indicated the eventual winning video(s).

With that in mind here are the view totals to date. The number after each video names reflects the view increase per video between dates January 05, 2010   and – January 22, 2010  10:30PM PST.

Casket: 65,174

Snack Attack Samurai: 52,819

House Rules: 50,304

Underdog: 49,169

Kids these days: 47,009

The Smackout: 45,994

Any thoughts?


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