Warm Holiday Wishes.

Last night, we realized the vents were blowing cold air despite bumping up the thermostat higher and higher over a two hour period. A quick check confirmed the pilot had gone out. I tried to ignite the furnace for about an hour without success. The chill made for good sleeping last night, but definitely made it difficult to crawl out from underneath the down comforter this morning.

It’s midday and the repairman has yet to make his grand entrance. As the sun drops further in the sky it is clear it is to be another shuddery evening, so I went out back and chopped some wood deciding to use the fireplace for the first time this season. We stoke it a couple of times a year mostly for ambience, but this time we are grateful to have it. The kids love it. I shot this pic of them and wanted to share it with you guys. Fireplaces really do add to the holiday spirit.

I will be scarce tomorrow and through the weekend. Going to enjoy a slow paced Christmas with my family and over the weekend will be taking the scout troop to Pasadena to work on a Rose Parade float. Can’t wait. I’ll be back in to check on things a few days next week prior to New Years.

I wanted to take a minute and thank all of youmy readers, for hanging out in the kingdom and sharing your projects, stories and information with peers. I am excited about the future of our emerging sector of the advertising industry and believe that many opportunities are just around the corner. I hope you all realize that you are true pioneers, effecting real change on the cutting edge of this amazing revolution in the advertising world. You all rock.

I shot this pic of our little Jolie playing with the train in our living room. She loves the lionel more than any of her brothers ever did.

Merry Christmas everyone.


2 responses to “Warm Holiday Wishes.

  1. Merry Christmas, Jared!

    Love coming to the website!

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