DORITOS – Best of the Decade

Hey everyone…*WASSSUUUUP? (*see videos in the Adweek link). Along with many of you I too am on pins and needles awaiting the announcement of the CTSB finalists. While we wait here is some very cool video entertainment and an assignment for everyone willing to be an active player in the Freelance Creative Community. is holding their ‘Best Of the Decade‘, SuperBowl Commercial vote. For those of you who don’t know, AdWeek is a highly respected advertising journal that chronicles the moving and shaking of the ad industry. If it is happening in the world of advertising, you will read about it in AdWeek. AdWeek is usually subscribed to by ad agency and production company types. More of us freelancers should do so.

Click on the “Best of the 2000’s” banner below, and check out some of the best SuperBowl commercials of the last 10 years. Many of them you will remember instantly.

Adweek is holding this vote to determine which SuperBowl spot is the best from the last decade. There are 22 of them in this roster. You can vote people….and you may vote for whichever commercial you consider to be the best….here however is my campaign why I think you should vote for one commercial in particular.

I think you should vote for ‘Doritos – Free Doritos‘ (Produced by the Herbert Brothers).

Justification: Normally I consider it shallow and disingenuous to cast a vote on ANY matter, using anything other than educated good conscience. On this occasion however, I am going to ask you to suspend altruism for a greater good. Now some of you may look at the lot of 22 commercials and vote for ‘Free Doritos’ anyways, because you feel it is the best commercial. I would be right there with you as it is fine piece of film-making. But at this level of competition, AdWeek is pretty much asking us to choose our favorite rock and roll song of all time. It’s almost impossible to do.

All of the commercials on this list represent stellar branding. They all are rock-freaking-solid. There are going to be commercials in this list that for some reason or other affect your sensitivities in a way that impresses you differently than others. You may even interpret that as meaning that a particular spot is ‘better‘ than ‘Free Doritos’, but I guarantee you this. Depending on your mood, over a weeks time there is a high probability that your opinion will swing between 3 0r 4 different spots depending on what type of entertainment strikes your fancy on any given day…..especially at this level of competition.

Let’s say  you were watching a home run derby at Yankee Stadium and all of the heavy hitters from recent years were there in attendance, Barry Bonds, Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr., Chipper Jones, Carlos Pena, etc. etc….and at the very end of the roster was a smallish 12 year old little leaguer. The big league perennial favorites rack up the customary home runs to the roar of the crowd. One by one they flex their otherworldly skills/forearms and deliver on their promise to the paying crowd.
Towards the end of the the first round the little leaguer finally gets his shot. He walks up to the plate and readies himself for the inevitable onslaught of hardballs. Everyone restrains their laughter as he whiffs the first couple of strikes. On the third pitch however, he brings his oversize bat from off his shoulders, and mustering all the strength he has….remembering the technique that has brought him to where he is today, the wood of his bat makes contact with the leather of the ball. A piercing crack splits the night air and captures the attention of all eyes and ears in and off the field.

Time stops…….this little twelve year old boy has just sent one out of the park over the center field wall……

OK, so this is a little dramatic, but let me relate it to the facts of the matter. In this ‘Best Of’ list from AdWeek, the 21 other candidates using budgets upwards of $1,000,000 to produce their content, delivered what they were supposed to. The Herbert Brothers on the other hand, in a decidedly lopsided playing field….by asking for/calling-in favors, spent what little budget they had (under $2,000.00)  and bested the hierarchy of the genre. The Herbert Brothers shook up the foundation of the nepotistic ad world. The Herbert Brothers won one for freelance creatives everywhere. We owe them. We can help to keep this boat rocking. The ad world is voting here, ‘not the general public’. Let your freelance voice be heard and lend the Herbert Brothers your support.

By furthering their presence and notoriety (voting for them), we further our own cause as a freelance community. The longer the Herbert Brothers stay on the radar, the more opportunities we will reap as a community moving forward.

So, go to the ‘BEST OF THE 2000’s’ voting site and vote for Doritos ; Free Doritos, not only because it involves a great David and Goliath story, but because in the long term we will all benefit. We need to keep the pressure on the industry by increasing our visibility wherever/whenever we have the opportunity. In this way, the brands will continue to take notice as the advertising landscape re-shapes itself to include our growing segment of the creative community.

Good luck Herbert Brothers….good luck independent freelancers everywhere.

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A ‘Heads up‘: Hey everyone. I changed the site settings. Moving forward, in order to leave a comment I need you to subscribe to the blog. In this way you will receive notification when I post new content. To subscribe, hit the orange RSS button over to the right of this post where it says ‘SUBSCRIBE‘.
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4 responses to “DORITOS – Best of the Decade

  1. Thank you for the support! I enjoy keeping up with your posts Jared, you are truly an icon in the video contest world! To all who do vote for our FREE DORITOS spot to win Best of the Decade, we are deeply appreciative! And certainly look for our fellow filmmakers out there to do the same and to have success similar to ours… when the time comes that you need our vote, you got it! Thanks again.

  2. I voted for the Herbert Brothers spot! Even though I actually worked on the “Waz Up” spot! I was the assistant editor on this job. I worked on the first 3 “Waz Up” spots back at the Filmworkers Club in Chicago. When we were editing it we were all like “ok, now this sucker is funny” (my big claim to fame).

    FYI: this idea was NOT hatched by a big ad agency!!! This was a 2min. short film made several years earlier! At least the agency did the right thing and hired all the same people from the short film to re-create the magic for them! Pretty cool huh?

    • Hey David,
      That’s some great back story. Love that you have that sort of nugget as part of your legacy. Also, really nice to know the Agency did the right thing. Excellent. I know the one chubby actor (who BTW didn’t appear in the one installment nominated by AdWeek) went on to have somewhat of a successful career as an actor.

      Thanks for sharing David.

      The VCK

  3. Truthful words, some true words dude. Made my day!!

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