Doritos – The VCK’s Picks

Hey bloggees of the VCK kingdom,

The VCK been asked quite a bit lately which videos are some of the best work in the Doritos gallery. I have seen about 90% of the entries. It has taken quite a bit of time to go through almost 4,000 videos. I have decided as of today that the list will be limited to only 25. As you probably noticed, on November 13th, Doritos added yet another 40 or so vids to the gallery. They may clear/add other videos to the gallery in the coming days. My ‘best of’ list is subject to adjustment as these other videos trickle in and I finish watching the remainder of the bulk of submissions.
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A ‘Heads up‘: Hey everyone. I changed the site settings. Moving forward, in order to leave a comment I need you to subscribe to the blog. In this way you will receive notification when I post new content. To subscribe, hit the orange RSS button over to the right of this post where it says ‘SUBSCRIBE‘.
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NOTE: Though I have produced a national commercial for Doritos in the past but I currently have no direct business affiliation with the brand or their parent company. For the record the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone.

By now we should all know the gallery http address. Here it is again.

To view the videos on the ‘Best of’ list, go to the Doritos gallery and choose any video. At end of the URL in your browser, simply add the three or four digit video number to the end of the URL. This will take you immediately to the new video without having to wait through the long site upload process.

The videos in the ‘best of‘ list are in no particular order of preference..

‘Don’t be that guy’  #2530 by moedirty
‘Dave’   #1738 by doritodave
‘Awkward Kiss’  #2348 by christopherjburke
‘Cheesy hands’ #2486 by frontfoot
‘Doritos Sitcom’  #2583 by framestore
‘Animal Cruelty’  #5074 by jwsvoboda
‘Do not disturb’  #2828 by frontpagefilms
‘Forensic Science’  #5513 by andrusso50
‘Doritos Please’ #1614 by Senor Queso
‘Rose Colored Doritos’ #3824 by garyvader
‘Party Guests’  #1817  by christinea
‘The Penguin 2’ #5629  by brianchristopher
‘Cheezy, Crunchy, Kryptonite’ #5610 by adamkortlever
‘Kids these days’ #5427 by BlackMariaStudios
‘nice van’ #2416 by theculprit
‘Birthday Bash’  #3249  by bobdaninja
‘What would you save?’  #5502  by rj75
‘Casket (4X3)’  #3006 by ms
‘The Smackout (V3)’ #5511 by BHAYWARD
‘Forget Everything Else’  #3970  by JohnRamsey
‘Baby Daddy’ #4353 by KansasKid
‘Doritos Friends’  #4208  by ChrisCordova
‘Fish Out Of Water’ #2777 by mfaverman
‘Alley’  #4737 by ALMEX
‘It’s Cool’ #1435 by mattcrum

If any CTSB participants are of the opinion there exists a worthy video not currently on this list, post a comment along with the video number (not it’s entire link). Make your argument and the VCK will consider it for inclusion, but only if it passes the muster of the royal court.

AND BTW: I encourage you all to chime in and provide peer review for each other here on this post. The VCK, is about you, the freelance creative, and the sharing of ideas and perspectives that help us all to become better producers.

FYI = I take Sundays off for the most part, so I won’t be reviewing or responding until Monday. Please dedicate yourselves to providing some review on each others videos while I’m gone.


445 responses to “Doritos – The VCK’s Picks

  1. Hey Jared–

    Wondering when your top 10 will be up.

  2. Jared…
    You are amazing. I’ve been following your site for some time now and WOW.. you are straight up, a beast. Honest, blunt, and you know your shit. Its great to have you around. I know if i ever need a good laugh, or some good insight you are the place to be.

    I’d also like to thank you for the feedback on the commercial. I was kinda too scared to ask, but I really appreciated it. Made good sense.

    Long Live The King.

  3. Hi Jared, I am interested in what you think of “meant to be shared” Everyone who has watched it say its a winner and has great production value. It was submitted at the deadline so think you just haven’t noticed its there. We are excited about it. Check it out. Page 7 of the “M” section of search by title. Title is “meant to be shared”. Thanks

    • Hi RCRJ,
      Your spot is better than 95% of the subs in the gallery. No problem with P.V.’s. Love the camera work. Your star is excellent. The 360 s/he pulled in the hallway was stellar.

      1. No major laughs here (except from dog lovers).
      2. Dog lovers will dig it (doesn’t nail the target demographic)
      3. Story is very predictable from the outset with no twists.

      Look, I know you love your dog. BUT LOVE IS BLIND. As cute and appetizing as you may think Doritos Residue in the dogs whiskers is…….there are probably 5 times as many people who are a little grossed out by it. No matter how many dog lovers there are out there, this ratio will doom you.

      Usually when you encore with an end of spot clip it is required to be a stellar cap or ‘added site gag’ that adds strength. This last clip only reinforced the major problem with the commercial as a whole. This spot will have a limited regional and periodic (annual national dog show broadcast) window of broadcast opportunity.

      BTW: Your video number is #3348. To get to it more easily than laboring through the site system, just pick any video in the gallery, then go up to the URL in your browser and substitute your number (3348) for whatever one is currently there. It’s a lot easier trust me.

      The VCK

  4. So I viewed all of your choices. With an exception of one “Kids these days” none were laugh out loud funny.

    • Hey RCRJ,
      Are you suggesting that this year represents a weak field of creative, or that I am ‘off’ on my Pix list? If you think you have a stronger 10, send em to me. I am all eyes.
      The VCK.

  5. hey jared, what did you think of “Hand” #4057?

    • Hey Blue,
      Is this your video? I really prefer to give a review resulting from peer request. If the creative doesn’t want (or will never see the review) it is in large part a wasted exercise.
      The VCK

      • jared,

        sorry, keep missing links here on the site . . . so, redundancy again . . . just trying to get my words into the correct spot.

        yes, Hand is my submission. i reposted the question also on a more recent blog entry, thinking it might have been too late here (before i noticed your response), sorry for the redundancy.


  6. Hey Jared, would appreciate your feedback for 3 entries: #5782, #5776, #4731. Thanks a lot!

  7. Jared-CORRECTION to previous email from Housefire Starkman: #4631 (not 4731)
    “2010 A Space Chip”…Thanks again!

  8. Hi.

    Wow, I can’t believe you actually watched all 3,000 plus entries (even if you only watched them partially). Did you get any sleep? I tried watching about 100 or so before I simply couldn’t handle any more.

    But a great site and well done for putting it together. I watched your picks and was frankly underwhelmed. None of them had any real originality or freshness about them (apart from “Fish Out of Water” which was cute, but certainly NOT Super Bowl standard). Some were surely only picked for their production values (“Doritos Please” – sure looked great, but was a poor take on a well , well worn idea – ie. Dos Equis). And many simply made no sense whatsoever (“Casket” – talk about obscure concept and strained punchline). Frankly I didn’t see any that would be talked about round the water cooler the next day – and isn’t that what we’re really looking for. A spot that delivers something that’s truly different. And all we see instead are retreads of what is currently around. Many are really fun. many are very well made. But I haven’t yet seen a winner. But I haven’t watched all of them, so there’s still hope.

    • Hey Stan,
      Thanks for coming to the kingdom. I appreciate your observations. Well thought out. I personally did not look at all the videos. I relied on a few associates (and myself) to get the job done. With that in mind, if you feel there is a deserving spot that was overlooked, refer it to me and if I have not yet reviewed it, I will definitely give it a once over.

      The VCK

      • Hi

        Thanks for the reply. Still can’t get over the fact you and your associates together looked at all the videos. That’s dedication indeed! But I guess you have to do it if you’re creating a ‘best of’ list. How long did it take you guys? Must have driven you crazy!

        If I see a deserving spot I’ll forward it to you – but it’s a hard slog, getting through them all. There are some pretty good ones to be sure, but way too many bad ones in between.

        • Hi

          Still looking for some Super Bowl worthy entries. All I can say so far (and I’m only several 100 into them) is that most (even the good ones) are very generic and way too formulaic. In fact I do find the fact that there’s a “how to” video by the Herbert Bros a little depressing creatively. Consequently most of the spots (including most of your picks) I’ve seen so far are structurally identical. I hope to see a spot that breaks this mold and produces something really eye-poppingly different. Not that there’s anything wrong with the old school structure being touted by the brothers Herbert, it’s just that there are 1000’s of other ways to sell the product, that break with this tradition. I still believe there are a few examples amongst the 4,000 entries. It’s finding them that’s difficult.

          • How about randomly dumping the product on various things and people with a wacky voice over?

          • Thanks for showing me entrant 951. Thought it was really funny, and pretty original. Though I did feel uncomfortable at seeing the poor dog flinch when hit with all those Doritos. Pretty aggressive stuff – and not faked. The dog obviously did not like it. So probably (because of the animal cruelty) it won’t be picked. A shame, since that shot so easily could have been removed.

          • Here’s one I liked, #3097. Funny concept. My only major criticism is it’s let down by lack of design. In that regard it’s pretty much all over the place – with just way too much going on in the background. Plus the punch-line is weak. It’s very cute, but still nothing to talk about over the water cooler the following day.

            This, however, can definitely not be said of #3911. Intriguing opening, then funny reveal. My girlfriend thought it hysterical. Plus it’s absolutely unlike any other spot I’ve seen yet (both concept and execution). Though, sadly, somehow I don’t think it’ll get picked.

        • Hey Stan,
          Yeah, the ‘ones in between’ can hypnotize in a very bad way. Let me know if you find something.
          The VCK

  9. check out #4994 it’s funny

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