Jared gets hit by car…….on YouTube.

Hello bloggers,

I am switching it up a little today. Instead of publishing another tome, exposing evil marketing entities selling their soul for a quick buck, I’m posting this video.

It features me getting hit by a car….ears perk up throughout cyberspace.

I’s an instructional video on a SFX sequence I created using Final Cut. The cool thing about the tutorial is that it was accomplished all within Final Cut. No after effects program was used. What makes it even cooler, is it can be done with less costly editing programs that have just a few basic tools of editing.

Here at the VCK not only does the reader receive riveting and psychologically stimulating commentary on administrative failings and successess of online video contests, they also receive information helping the freelance producer enhance production skills in a very tangible way. The VCK is a giver…….feel free to take.

Be warned, when you hit the video it will take you to my Youtube Channel. Feel free to hang out and watch videos. If you feel so inclined you can subscribe to the channel (hit the yellow ‘SUBSCRIBE‘ button – it’s FREE). In this way you will be notified anytime I post a new video. YouTube is great huh?

the VCK                     CLICK ON THE PIC TO GO TO VIDEO.

VCK blog pic Tutorial

Watch Jared get plastered by a BMW.


2 responses to “Jared gets hit by car…….on YouTube.

  1. Smart, Jared. Smart. The part you didn’t mention is the artistic element behind it. Your keys were very very clean and seamless in this piece. It takes a lot of time and an artistic eye for all the pieces to look that clean. Great job on the video, and the tutorial.

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