Introduction to the videocontestking aka Jared Cicon.

You're never to old to 'break a leg'.

You're never too old to 'break a leg'.

Hello all visitors to my first ever BLOG site.

My name is Jared Cicon. Last name pronounced (sigh-sun). I am a married father of four children, 3 boys and 1 girl. I live in southern California, about 20 miles east of Los Angeles in the quiet suburb of Claremont. In the Spring of 2006 I transitioned from a fruitful 17 year career as a freelance wedding photographer, to a very successful career in video production, primarily commercial video production. Within the realms of the internet video contest genre, I have produced several national television commercials as well as regional, local and internet video advertising.

After several months of mulling it over, I made the decision/commitment to publish my observations, musings, opinions and philosophies relative to video contests, all in one location…….here on the videocontestking blog page.

With each passing month, the frequency and volume of brands, allowing free-lance creatives access to the brand, continues to expand. This constitutes an open call, if you will, for anyone with valid creative to get paid and get recognized. Never before in the history of professional advertising has such access existed.

This access, in the form of branding contest assignments, does bring with it potential pitfalls. Along with the legitimate opportunities to create content for brands, there are also contests that knowingly waste it’s participants time, and for the sole purpose of expanding it’s brand visibility with no real intent of using the creative content harvested by the contest. These social networking publicity ploys put a black eye on the contest genre in general, and hurt the brands who are seriously interested in tapping into the talent pool of it’s consumers and free-lance content creators worldwide.

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to provide my observations relating to the internet contest phenomena. I will do my best to provide insight relating to contests and portals who declare opportunity, and discern between the ones that are legit and the ones that are a blatant and disrespectful waste of time.

It is my hope you will all contribute to the discussions we will have here on the blog. Together we can grow in knowledge as we try to understand and harness the wonderful opportunities that online video contests offer creatives of every skill level.

I am looking forward to meeting you all here on the VideoContestKing blog page.

Jared Cicon

p.s. To check out my work, click on the photo of me on my scooter. It will take you to my YouTube page where you can view my current projects as well as past productions.


5 responses to “Introduction to the videocontestking aka Jared Cicon.

  1. Jared:
    This is Jim of ELLB. I took your suggestion and decided to check out your blog site. Well done. I can see you will be getting alot of traffic and hopefully will be able to share alot of your experience. I did not realize there was the amount of fraud going on with these contest. It is nice to know we have a blog now that will help expose those unscrupulous ones and allow contestants to focus there resources on the more legitimate ones.

    Anyway, we were discussing the possiblity of CB canceling the “Hire My TV Ad” contest. Reading the rules, CB does not have to show any of the videos. The rules state the winners will be determined by their judges only and the videos will not be open for public voting. This leads me to wonder why it is taking CB so long to contact the 10 Finalist. Maybe they did not get the “out of the Box” idea they were hoping for. $100,000 is one of the largest prize offerings, and maybe they feel they are not getting their moneys worth.

    How many entrees do you think there were?


  2. Hey Jim,
    I think it would be premature to suspect Career Builder is going to cancel their contest. My guess is that they have run into unexpected obstacles that are delaying the contest process. In my experience, the brands (and the Ad Agencies) who run these contests regularly muddle through the process as novices tackling challenges with the preparedness of any rookie in a chosen field.
    Because these brands are naturally territorial with regard to company secrets and don’t readily share their experiences without the company boundaries, every company entering the fray anew learns for themselves as they wade into the waters of the Online Video Contest genre.
    As each brand/agency starts from square one, they experience all of the missteps that come with such an adventure.
    The result is often, poor communication with the content/video producers, submissions deadline extensions, judging delays etc. etc.

    Yes, producers spend substantial amounts of time and resources to make these contests possible. Without us, the brands have nothing. I hear/appreciate your frustration. You (we) should be respected for your intellectual expenditures. I say we give Career builder another week or so before anyone fires one across their bow.

    Jared aka videocontestking

  3. Jared;
    You are man of great wisdom and experience. Your perspective seems logical and I shall heed your advice. Best of luck to you. I still think your video is the one to beat.

  4. “…Jared; You are man of great wisdom and experience…”. Wow Jim, with comments like that you can hang out on the blog anytime you want. Heck I might even make a “Jims compliments Corner”, ha ha ha ha.

    Thanks buddy.

  5. Tracy McAuliffe

    Well thought-out and informative blog, sigh-sun-man. Should really help those who are just getting started, which is the point after all. Glad you’ve taken the time to check out the validity of the contests and how to tell which ones are worth the time and money to enter.
    Good job!

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